Last month, a video of Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton cuddling and kissing in bed leaked online, being shared over 600,000 times since the hack. Her phone's cloud storage was reportedly accessed by a third party, releasing the video and causing Nicole to worry about any other photos or videos that may make their way online. Lewis and Nicole have not been together in years so the hacker went pretty far back to find the footage. Since the leak, Scherzinger has been fairly silent on the matter, choosing to speak out recently at Elton John's Oscars party. 

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

"It’s been horrible," said the singer according to The Sun. "I genuinely don’t understand why someone would do something like this, or why they would leak it. It’s an unbelievably mean thing to do." According to the publication, both Lewis and Nicole are desperate to get to the bottom of this, finding out who leaked the video and how they got into Nicole's phone. "It’s been mortifying for Nicole, and she feels really violated. She wants to keep a low profile for now, keep her head down and just plough on with work," said a source.

Hopefully, Lewis and Nicole can figure out the source of the leak to ensure that it does not happen a second time.

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