It's clear that Niecy Nash couldn't care less if people disapprove of her marriage. The Claws actress not only surprised the world when she announced that she was married, but when it was shared that she'd wedded a woman, some weren't so accepting. Nash has continuously posted photos of her wedding and has spoken openly about being happy in her relationship, but some people have vocalized that they will no longer support the actress's career.

A fan commented on the actress's photo, asking Nash if she'd noticed that she'd lost fans after announcing her marriage to a woman. "Sometimes it's just best to stay in [the closet] Hollywood ain't for everybody," the person wrote. Niecy Nash replied, "If I lost a fan because of who I love then that wasn't a real fan." She added that her "art" has nothing to do with who she chooses to love.

"I'm still a skilled, Emmy nominated, award winning actress. I didn't stop being great at my craft because of where I lay my head." Niecy said she's happy with her life and her "projects are lit" while telling the "haters" to "stay tuned as well." Check out the brief exchange below.