Fresh off the drop of a new track, Night Lovell has taken some time to chop it up with Montreality for a wide-ranging conversation. While the tried and true topics of "favorite cartoons" and "realest shit he's ever wrote" were covered, Lovell had some interesting insight into Drizzy, Lil Peep, and more. 

On a topical note, Lovell opens up about Drake's influence on the game, particularly with regards to his home country of Canada. "Drake is a huge inspiration based on the fact that Canada's an underdog in general the rap game. He's on top and he's from Canada, that just puts inspiration in everyone, whether you're from Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa," says Lovell." I'm trying to do the same thing he's doing, but for Ottawa first. Drake's a legend, he did it for the whole rap game and he's from an underdog country. I love Drake

For those wondering where Night Lovell has been, be sure to catch the rapper's latest banger, the $uicideboy$ assisted "Joan Of Arc." While he does play second fiddle, holding it down strictly for the hook, rest assured that the Ottawa talent is busy with the cook-up. "Believe in me," says Lovell. "I'm working. I don't fucking leave my house, you could ask anyone I know...I make music every fuckin' day. Lovell never fuckin' dies." Big things coming indeed.