Night Lovell Talks "GOODNIGHT LOVELL," Two-Year Absence & More

Aron A.
February 22, 2019 14:24

Night Lovell speaks to HNHH about his latest project, "GOODNIGHT LOVELL."

Night Lovell is fresh off of the release of his album GOODNIGHT LOVELL, his project in two and a half years which arrived this morning. In between that time, Lovell's created a loyal cult following who've been waiting on his follow-up to Red Teenage Melody. The rapper recently came to our offices and broke down the concept behind his new album, his two-year absence, and much more.

"I've just been trying to, like, be very patient with my artistic side and not rushing things," he told HNHH about his two-year absence. "I was making music but I really didn't want to put any of it out because I didn't find that... thing, you know what I mean? That "thing," or whatever, finally came seven months ago."

The Ottawa artist explained that the concept behind GOODNIGHT LOVELL. The rapper explained that each track on the project is meant to capture his dreams.

"Every track is just like -- to put it simple, if it's a nightmare, it's dark. If it's like an okay, weird dream, the song is weird. If it's a happy dream, then the song is happy," he explained. "It ends with "The Sun." That's when I wake up."

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HNHH TV Night Lovell Talks "GOODNIGHT LOVELL," Two-Year Absence & More