Nike Basketball and Kobe Bryant have just unveiled five new colorways of the all new mid-top version of the Kobe A.D. which will be releasing on 8/24, as a nod to both of Kobe's uniform numbers.

Each of the five sneakers sport a monochromatic color scheme, inspired by the "psychology of color," particularly in understanding the correlations between color, attitude and emotion.

For instance here's what the five colorways represent.

Kobe AD "Fearless": For Bryant, purple represents overcoming challenges and setting fresh goals.

Kobe AD "Passion": Red is acknowledged as a symbol of passion.

Kobe AD "Optimism": Yellow and positivity go hand in hand, or as some say, “amongst the clouds there is always the sun.”

Kobe AD "Detached": For Bryant, grey represents calm neutrality.

Kobe AD "Honesty": For many, the color blue relays dependability and trust. Bryant equates those traits with honesty.

Some specs of the mid-top Kobe A.D. include,

  • Multilayer upper provides a lightweight, ultra-thin feel that’s strong and supportive.

  • Lunarlon foam combines with Zoom Air for soft yet responsive, cushioning.

  • Engineered tread provides optimal traction for cutting and moving swiftly.

Per Nike,

“There’s no such thing as perfection in basketball,” says Bryant. “Perfection is minimizing mistakes. Digging deep and being honest with yourself, where you are, where you want to be and how you can get there allows one to process and accept shortcomings in order to improve,” says Bryant.

The five KOBE A.D. colorways connecting to color psychology will be available globally starting August 24th (8/24) as a nod to both of Bryant’s uniform numbers.

Take a closer look at the Nike Kobe A.D. "Mamba Mentality Pack" in the gallery above, as well as in the video below, narrated by Kobe himself.