In 2018, Nike knocked it out of the park with their React technology. For the last few years, midsole technology had been dominated by Adidas Boost and Nike was clearly annoyed that they weren't in the conversation anymore. With react, some feel as though Nike has overtaken Adidas in not just the comfort department, but the design department as well. Two of the most popular react models are the Element 87 and the Element 55. Both sneakers have the exact same silhouette, except the Element 87 has a translucent upper while the Element 55 upper is solid. Because of this difference, the Element 87 has been more sought after but that hasn't stopped people from enjoying the 55.

The Beaverton brand has revealed a brand new colorway of the 55, dubbed the "Gold Ranger." The shoe has a silver upper, with gold trim around the laces and some bronze on the back. As for the Nike swoosh, that is dressed in black. Black is also found along the tongue and the laces as well. As is usually the case with the Element 55, these are packed with color and will sure to make for a flashy sneaker on-foot.

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Image via Nike

According to Sneaker News, these will be releasing in the next few weeks over at for $130 USD.