Nike has always been one of those companies who like to experiment and every single year, they come out with a pair or collection of shoes that show off that experimentation. The latest such collection to do this is the Nike Space Hippie range which comes in four models with very basic names such as 01, 02, 03, and 04.

What makes these shoes unique is the fact that they are made with trash. No, not actual garbage, but scrapped materials that could be found on the cutting room floor at Nike. Instead of being wasteful with their extra materials, Nike decided to turn these scraps into an interesting collection that certainly has some unique astronaut-like aesthetics.

If you're interested in copping any of these models, all four will be available as of June 11th for a wide variety of prices. For instance, the 01 will cost $130 USD, the 02 will be $150, and the 03 is $180. For now, the 04 is being considered a women's shoe and just like the 01, it will cost $130 USD.

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Nike Space Hippie 01
Space Hippie 01. Image via Nike
Nike Space Hippie 02
Space Hippie 02. Image via Nike
Nike Space Hippie 03
Space Hippie 03. Image via Nike
Nike Space Hippie 04
Space Hippie 04. Image via Nike