Nikki Bella and John Cena had a year of roller coaster experiences. Their love for each other sent them on a wild ride that the entire world got to witness. The couple was set to get married back in the Spring, but Bella broke off the engagement weeks before the event. The two spent months teasing their fans, and possibly themselves, with hopes at a future. Their up and down relationship played out just in time to impact the current season of Nikki’s television show, Total Divas, which only helped escalate the entire downfall of the power couple.

Bella recently posted a picture of her and Cena in a hot tub cuddling. The post sent her fans into a frenzy, but she’s quelling all talk of a possible makeup situation. Sources close to the situation tell TMZthat Bella simply had a moment of reflection during the Thanksgiving holiday. She posted other pictures featuring people or experiences that she was thankful for, and Cena happened to be one of them. The couple broke off their relationship, and eventually their friendship as well. It doesn't appear that they will be getting back together, no matter how much Bella reminisces on social media. Then again, we've seen crazier relationship makeups than this.