Fortnite is easily the most popular game in the world. It took over the gaming industry by creating the most family-friendly and simplistic battle royale mode while integrating building into a traditional third-person shooting scenario. Epic Games is making a killing off Fortnite, raking in over a billion in sales in 2018. The free to play game makes the bulk of its money off microtransactions, and season passes also keep gamers spending on a regular basis. Ninja, the most famous streamer on the planet, recently spoke with TMZ about the popular game and touched on several topics. The most interesting of which was his description of Drake and Travis Scott's gaming skills.

"The first time I played with Travis Scott, you know, he didn't know what to do," revealed Ninja. La Flame caught on pretty quick though. "The second time I played he was a god carrying me," admitted the gamer. "Drake's amazing dude," Ninja responded when asked about the rapper's gaming skills. "He knew the lingo," he explained. "That's how I know when someone knows what Fortnite is, they know the lingo." Ninja also goes on to give out gaming advice for those who aren't doing so well, and he touches on why Fortnite will remain the most popular game for years to come.