Nintendo is one of the most legendary gaming companies of all time, so you can imagine that they have quite a bit of information in their vault. According to UPROXX, a great deal of that information was leaked online over the weekend. Developmental and beta code from many of Nintendo’s classic franchises such as PokemonMario, and Star Fox allegedly leaked to hackers. Fans soon began to search through the massive leaks as they appeared online. 

A former Nintendo Developer tweeted an image from the leak, and confirmed that is was something he wrote in c++ for Star Fox 2 several decades ago. Still, Nintendo hasn't confirmed the leaks so the world should take some of this information with a grain of salt. The leak included what looks like characters that were supposed to be in Star Fox 2, such as a human female. Source code from Mario 64 that includes the titular character performing tasks in a beta also hit the net. Let's not forget those popular Pokemon handheld games from the early to mid-2000s. Leaked coding and beta for some Pokemon that never made it public also leaked.

Luckily for Nintendo, the leak seems to center around older games. Those who are collectors or are nostalgic will get a kick out of some of the leaks.