Nipsey Hussle made his way from the West Coast to New Jersey last weekend in order to grace the Summer Jam Festival Village stage. Although the rapper is by no means a newcomer at this point, we've still yet to receive a debut album from Nip. Victory Lap has been in the works for some time, and now the "Crenshaw" tour is out of the way it sounds like Nipsey is going full force with Victory Lap.

We spoke to the rapper backstage at SJ, and he promised he's in "record mode." Our host Ashlee Ray asked the Cali native how Victory Lap has transformed since its days as a mixtape to now being a full-fledged studio album.

 "Well the songs changed, but the theme and the concept of what I'm tryna do with that record it stayed the same all the way through," Nipsey shares. "I think I became a little bit better at achieving what I'm tryna do, over the course of the last year. I did a ton of records. So, the concept stayed the same, the titles and records have changed. As far as what it represent to my career and what I'm tryna get across with my music, the message is the same."

For those who were fans of Nipsey's old shit, there's good news as he says Victory Lap will be a mix of projects like The Marathon and Bullets Ain't Got No Names, with a sprinkling of his most recent tape (which went in a markedly different direction) Crenshaw.

"I think if you were to compare it to my projects, it's like Bullets Ain't Got No Name Vol. 2, The Marathon, the original Marathon, and elements of Crenshaw in it. So a little bit of all them three," Nip says.

Watch the full interview below. Listen to Bullets Ain't Got No Names Vol. 2 too!