Nipsey Hussle is the main musical attraction of the upcoming Time Done benefit concert in Los Angeles. Other special guests will join the rapper during the event, which will be held at the Greek Theater on October 21st. The concert's free tickets can be reserved here.

Activist Jay Jordan, along with Carmen Perez, spoke on the cause during a radio interview with Ebro. The organizers are engaging with the public through entertainment to shed light on the plight of convicts in America.

"70 million people in America have convictions. That's more than the entire country of France. If 70 million people were to hold hands and stretch out, we could circle the earth three times. That's how many people. And it's a residual effect of the war on drugs and the tough on crime era [...] In California, it's 1 in 5 [people]. And most of those people are Black and Brown. Not only do they have convictions, but they face 40 thousand legal restrictions after their serve their time."

Jordan gave his own personal life as an example of how these laws apply to him as a father.

"Me and Carmen could never adopt [...] I could never coach a little league team. I can't join the PTA. I can't ride on the bus with him."

The Time Done organization seeks to bring awareness to the issue and encourage action against the systems that cause longterm damage to American communities.