As reported by TMZ, Eric Holder, the man suspected of fatally shooting Nipsey Hussle, has officially been charged with murder after making his first appearance in court since his arrest. On top of the murder charge, he was also charged with two counts of attempted murder for the other men that were struck by gunfire and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon. If he's convicted on these charges, Hussle's alleged killer faces life in prison.

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A few days ago, Eric Holder was captured by police twenty miles away from the crime scene. He was reportedly found in front of a mental health facility. While it was first alleged to have been a gang-related shooting, later reports claim that Holder introduced himself to Hussle as a fellow rapper before getting into a verbal altercation with him. He then walked away, grabbed his gun, fired several shots at Nipsey and kicked him in the head when he hit the ground. The shooting can be seen in the security footage, which was released this week.

Holder is reportedly being held in solitary confinement for the time being. The Crips had reportedly called for the "green light" to be placed on his life, encouraging other members to kill him if they cross paths with the man. Police believe that his life would be at risk in general population so he's currently locked up in the hole. His bail has been set at an astounding $7 million.

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