Although we haven't received an update on the long-awaited/long-delayed Victory Lap album from Nipsey Hussle, it is supposed to arrive in 2015. Whatever the case may be with that album, Nipsey is prepping another album to drop before Victory Lap, called Mailbox Money. The rapper revealed the artwork today.

Let's hope Victory Lap is still in the works, but nonetheless this is better than no music at all from Nip! The album is apparently supposed to arrive this month according to HHNM. 

Peep the cover art in the gallery above. Stay tuned for the full thing. Are you excited?

[Update: Hard Copies Will Be Sold For $1000]

As Nipsey Hussle said he made 100,000 dollars from selling his last project, Crenshaw, for $100 a pop, you can see why he'd want to try that strategy again. Gunning for the same net result, Hussle told MTV that he'll only be releasing 100 hard copies of Mailbox Money, and those will be going for $1000 each. Don't fret though, you'll still be able to get the album for free online.

He said:

“There will only be 100 hard copies and they are $1000 each. The 100 people that buy the P2P version will be granted access to a private advance listening session of [upcoming 2015 album] Victory Lap at the secret Marathon Store we are going to open the day of the listening!”