After releasing his highly successful Crenshaw mixtape for $100 a pop, Nipsey Hussle is gearing up for Victory Lap, his debut album that will most likely be sold for a more reasonable price. In a new interview with XXL, Hussle spoke on the new project:

“Man, it’s epic, you know what I’m saying? It’s dope. I ain’t competing with nobody, I ain’t tryna sound like nothing, I’m just tryna make the best Nipsey Hussle album, and I’m feeling real great about what we got right now.”

He went on to elaborate on how personally-focused Victory Lap will be:

“Everything is a solo record so far. I don’t got no features, so everything is a solo song, and we’ll figure out what happens with features. I got a ton of artists I’m fans of and I fuck with, but just what I’ve been having to say, I need three verses to say it. I think that’s one of the distinguishing factors [of Victory Lap] so far. Especially in 2014, we livin’ in a feature game. But I’m on some rap shit, I’m on some hip-hop, street shit, fully. That’s what I want the album to sound like.”

Victory Lap is due out later this year, stay tuned for more info.