Well it appears things got a little out of hand Thursday night at Nipsey Hussle’s album release party in Los Angeles. TMZ caught footage of a pretty big fight going down at his Marathon clothing store in Crenshaw, however Nipsey wasn't involved.

From what we can see, a bunch of people started scuffling at the overcrowded store & parking lot. Nipsey is spotted by a scuffle happening by the entrance to the store, when all of a sudden another fight broke out more in the parking lot, where a guy was eventually slammed into the hood of a car. It’s that fight that looked rather serious and Nipsey comes in to help intervene the situation and calm the guys down. But literally as that happens, another fight is still going on behind him, and the Victory Lap rapper soon just goes back into the store as more chaos pretty much ensued.

It’s unknown at the moment if any injuries were caused due to this fight, but from the footage TMZ got, it didn't look anyone was getting hurt too badly, hopefully anyways. Many bystanders just stood there watching it happen, while some ladies screamed and others recorded on their phones. (Note: At one point, you can clearly see a security guard just watching like a normal citizen and not stepping in or doing anything about it either. Maybe it was Nipsey's team taking care of some punks causing trouble or stealing?)

Check out the clip (below) and revisit Nipsey’s latest single with YG "Last Time That I Checc'd" off Victory Lap, dropping February 16th.