A reported close friend of Nipsey Hussle had a frightening encounter with police on Tuesday. BH, also known as rapper Hoggy who was signed to the Nipsey's All Money In label, was driving through Beverly Hills when he was stopped by police. After the officer ran the tags on the license plate of his vehicle, the car came up as a stolen rental. Before Hoggy knew it, there were multiple responding units behind him with a half-dozen officers pointing their guns at his back as he was ordered out of the car.

TMZ obtained video footage of the harrowing moment as the rapper was complying with the officers' verbal commands. According to the outlet, Hoggy was detained for a short period of time while officers attempted to get a grasp on why the vehicle was reported as stolen. BH wasn't arrested, nor was his passenger, but the vehicle they were driving was reportedly confiscated pending an investigation.

It's unclear why the police were checking out BH's tags in the first place or why there were that many officers on the scene with guns drawn, but thankfully it all concluded peacefully. Watch the clip of the incident below.