The question of who will continue to assume custody of Nipsey Hussle's daughter Emani Asghedom was a major topic for the last few weeks and now that a decision has been made there, the late rapper's baby mama is looking to control his estate. According to TMZ, Tanisha Foster, who was fighting for custody against Nipsey's brother Sam and his sister Samantha, is now looking to become the main administrator of his estate. 


The report reads that all signs are pointing to an ugly showdown in court between Foster and Hussle's family members, with Tanisha looking to assume full responsibility for the rapper's estate. Sam Asghedom, Nip's brother, has estimated the estate at $2 million and he is the manager of his brother's fortune. Since Nipsey died without a will, Sam filed legal docs asking to be the main administrator of his estate. A decision will be made during a June 10 hearing but Foster appears to have some qualms about that.

Both of Nipsey's children would split the rapper's earnings, meaning Kross and Emani would get approximately $1 million each. Tanisha Foster has been temporarily blocked from earning physical custody of Emani, who lives with Samantha Smith, but if she ends up being granted custody, it could help her case. There is reportedly "bad blood" between Foster and Nipsey's loved ones so this could potentially get ugly.

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