Nipsey Hussle's legacy has endured through his many cultural contributions, ranging from his deep, Grammy-nominated discography to his The Marathon Clothing company's collections, released in partnership with PUMA. Now, Hypebeast has confirmed that another new capsule from Marathon and PUMA is on the way, set to be released this coming Friday, May 7th. 

The new collection will include a PUMA suede sneaker as well as an additional t-shirt, both of which can be observed right here. The grey suede sneaker features The Marathon Clothing and PUMA's hybrid logo emblazoned on the heel as well as the insole, a subtle nod to Nip's legacy. Speaking of subtle, one of the nicest touches finds "Marathon" written on the golden aglets; hardly the most visible, but a welcome detail that really rounds out the sneaker. 

As for the shirt, it's also minimalist in nature. Once again featuring the TMC/PUMA logo at the center, the white tee goes a long way in paying homage to the late Hussle without going overboard with the design. In addition, the tag features a lengthy breakdown of The Marathon Clothing's intention as a company. Should you be interested in purchasing either the shirt or the sneakers, look for the upcoming collection to hit the PUMA store right here, with the official release date set for this coming Friday. The sneakers are set to be listed at $80 USD, while the t-shirt is listed at $45 USD.