Nipsey Hussle's murder was one of the biggest tragedies in hip-hop this past year as he was shot and killed in front of his store in Los Angeles. The alleged suspect is named Eric Holder and witnesses are starting to be asked questions about what happened on March 31st which was the day of the shooting. The key witness in the proceedings is the woman who was believed to be driving Holder around that day. Just yesterday, we reported on how the witness explained her role in what went down.

As she divulged, she was excited to meet Nipsey that day although things turned sour when Hussle allegedly called Holder a snitch and told him to leave. The getaway driver's testimony is a huge part of the prosecution's case against Holder and police are taking both her word and her safety very seriously.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for PUMA

According to TMZ, the woman told police that she fears for her life and that she has had multiple death threats made against her. An LAPD detective looked into these threats and he deemed them credible enough for her to receive police protection. Both police and the woman are scared that she will be a part of an act of retaliation and that's why they want to protect her.

The woman has not been charged with a crime in connection to the murder.