A song that NLE Choppa recently released has caused controversy and YouTube stepped in to remove it from their streaming service. If you've been keeping up with NLE Choppa, then you're aware that the spiritually-minded rapper isn't shy about vocalizing his thoughts about health, other-worldly topics, conspiracies, vaccines, and the like, but when he addressed a few of these in his music video for his single "Paradise," YouTube wasn't having it. Today (November 24), NLE Choppa released the visual for "Paradise," but it only took a few hours for YouTube to take it down.

"Folks straight deleted me cause they know the message I’m speaking powerful. This some BS," Choppa wrote alongside a screenshot of the notification that his video had been removed. "I been undergoing the most blackballing sh*t ever. Everytime I drop my songs YouTube either crashes, I get a a spam a dislike that blocks it from trending and today I drop 'PARADISE' video and they straight deleted my sh*t. They hate a smart melanin king and it’s been showingALOT."

On "Paradise," Choppa raps: "Maturity and prosperity, that's all I been showin' / Ain't wearin' no mask, n*gga, f*ck the pilot / Fake-ass coronavirus, cops killin', startin' riots / Perception is what you decide, I'm grounded when the sun rise." Some believe it's these lyrics that caused YouTube to act and COVID-9 cases have been on a dramatic rise and quarantine lockdowns have been reinforced. You can check out the track below.

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