NLE Choppa thinks that protesting won't solve anything, calling out those in the streets screaming for justice and even criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole.

The 17-year-old rapper took a stand on Twitter, reacting to the recent boycotts and protests by stating his opinion on Black Lives Matter, claiming that through mediation, we can all find positivity within ourselves.

"Media get you focused on watts not important. Everything you seeing is distracting you from watts really going on in the world," said NLE Choppa before diving deeper into that topic. "Y’all so worried about the meg and Tory situation and don’t even realize it got us arguing with our own race just different genders. This where we all need to be working together to overcome the bigger picture. It’s a whole food shortages going on all across the world."

That's when the controversial takes started happening. After this, he started speaking about police brutality and the protests that have been happening across the country as we demand justice for Jacob Blake, yet another Black man viciously shot by police.

"Even the cop killing us is distracting us. They want us to feel anger, fear, guilt, shame those are all low vibrations," said the rapper. "Protesting ain’t gone solve shit. That’s a whole illusion. Meditate for positivity. They want us to protest and scream #BLM ,which is funded by a white man, and that doesn’t cause change STILL HAVEN’T."

Choppa claims that he wasn't trying to stir the pot, simply trying to "help" people find the positivity within themselves.

What do you think of his comments?