NLE Choppa fired some not-so-indirect shots at his baby mama via Twitter this week, insinuating that she is refusing to give him updates on their daughter and won't even tell the rapper the child's name. Back in March, the 17-year-old announced that he was expecting his first child, although he failed to disclose the identity of the mother. Although it is unclear from his recent tweets whether or not the child is born yet, his baby mama seems to be keeping him far away from his offspring.

nle choppa baby mama name baby child newborn daughter beef John Sciulli/Getty Images for NBA 2K20

On Tuesday (May 26th), the rapper took to Twitter to begin his rant about his baby mama's actions. "Damn can I at least know the name of my baby ?" he tweeted, indicating that the child has in fact been named.

On Wednesday (May 27th), he went on to reveal that he's having (or has had) a girl, but that his baby mama is seemingly forbidding him from being involved with the child due to a recent incident in which he fired a gun at someone, although he does not specify who was shot.

"I believe in right or wrong," he wrote. "If a MF think it’s right to not keep them updated on they child y’all slow asf. Ion care who I shot at just know every action got a reaction and iSTG every situation I’m the reaction I just act a lil mo violent. But aye fucc ha finna got for #2."

"But aye since yo selfish ass wanna keep a baby yeen even wanna keep, KEEP IT POOOH POOH," he continued. "Folks deceive me as the bad person but in reality I wanted my baby to help me learn to love myself. Wanted a boy but God blessed me with a girl to learn to respect women more, shit fucced up." He finished off his series of baby-related tweets with a rather explicit message, writing, "A hoe will have yo nut in they stomach. then start to grow some. Ok juwanna mann."