Earlier this week, NLE Choppa found himself trending on Twitter once again following a viral fight video that featured him and a group of people getting into a massive beachside brawl with one of NLE's fans. As it was previously reported, the fight began because the fan allegedly started to get disrespectful after NLE Choppa declined to take a picture.

Unfortunately, the footage didn't show him in the best light, because although the "Final Warning" artist and his crew drastically outnumbered the fan, NLE still got punched in his jaw and caught in a headlock throughout the course of the brawl.

NLE Choppa quickly responded to the situation on Twitter, writing, "Damn y’all never got hit in a fight before ?" In another tweet, the From Dark To Light artist doubled down on his fighting skills by saying, "And I eat punches ask bout me. Imma rush you take what you got to give and resume beating some. Honestly ain’t wanna fight I was just tryna walk the beach.

After taking some time and reflecting on the situation further, NLE Choppa now appears to find the whole situation hilarious, as he recently brought the video back to his fans' attention. Posting a still image from the fight video in which the fan somehow managed to catch NLE in a headlock, the rapper prefaced the funny moment by saying, "Y’all laughing bout me getting hit, I’m laughing at me being in the headlock."

Check out NLE Choppa's humorous take on the situation below.