NLE Choppa has been experimenting with a brand new life direction and as it stands, he seems to be incredibly at peace with the world. The artist has been excitedly explaining to his fans how he meditates on a regular basis, all while adopting a vegan diet. NLE wants to help make the world a better place and his new philosophy is now entering his music. 

Two weekends ago, NLE dropped From Dark To Light which is an album that put his newfound positive content on full display. Unfortunately for the artist, this did not translate to sales as the album sold 6,000 units in the first week. Regardless, NLE is keeping a positive attitude as he recently took to social media to explain that he's not too concerned with the sales. In fact, NLE laid out all the reasons why the sales were ultimately as low as they were.

"From Dark To Light Sold 6K Units First Week. I knew the path I took wasn’t going to be easy this just determines my faith. I Dropped on a Sunday so I loss 2 days of streaming, dropped on election week, NO promotion, and instagram refuse to give my page back. I’m Going HARDER." NLE wrote on Twitter.

Based on NLE's comments, it's clear that he has no intention of going back to his old self. He is sticking to what he believes in, which is truly an admirable stance to take.

NLE Choppa

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BMI