As big as a musician can be, it's rare to ever see them make a genuine difference in the world. Until now. "First Day Out" rapper NLE Choppa has hopes of curing herpes, gonorrhea and chlamydia. This comes one month after he claimed to help cure someone of cancer.

Upon delivering news that he intends to buy out his record contract and become an herbalist to benefit others, he came out today with this ridiculously bold statement. Hope-instilling, nonetheless.

While it has been reported by the CDC that there's literally no cure for herpes, there are a handful of medications known to prevent outbreaks. Having said that, we are definitely interested to see where NLE Choppa ends up going with this.

Sarah Morris/Getty Images

Currently available on NLE Health and Wellness is sea moss, chlorophyll and detox tea, the latter of which has a purchase option that is "Signed/Touched by NLE Choppa," while the former is on sale for $130 with a single purchase option: "Touched by NLE". Where's the signature on that one? We've got no idea. Do you plan on buying any of NLE's health products? Hell, do you think the rapper who made "Camelot" can be the guy who cures gonorrhea?