It seems like NLE Choppa's legal troubles have only continued to pile up. Back in March, the 18-year-old Memphis-based rapper NLE Choppa was reportedly arrested in Broward County, Florida, and charged with burglary, possession of Xanax and marijuana, and possession of a concealed firearm. 

While he was released shortly after posting bond, he's facing another round of legal problems. According to Music Business Worldwide, Choppa is being sued by an Outkast-affiliated rapper named Kilo Ali for copyright infringement in a suit filed in California Central District Court last week (June 24) over the song "Make Em Say."

John Sciulli/Getty Images for NBA 2K20

Ali, who is a Southern-based rapper that released a string of considerably successful projects throughout the 90s, has worked with members of the Dungeon Family Crew like Goodie Mob’s Cee-Lo Green and Outkast’s Big Boi. In the suit, he accused the 18-year-old rapper of stealing the chorus from his 1997 track "Love in Ya Mouth" to use for his Top Shotta cut "Make Em Say."

Kilo Ali claims to be a “critically-acclaimed rapper” and accuses Choppa of borrowing his "flow and pitch," calling it "substantially similar" to that of his own track. Ali feels his song was illegally sampled and is seeking damages in all forms of profit from Choppa's track. 

“Further, the lyrics of the chorus and post-chorus of the Infringing Work resemble the lyrics of the chorus of the Original Work in word, sound, and meaning, which invoke the heart of the Original Work,” the legal filing reads.

Kilo Ali's 90s track features Outkast rapper Big Boi and was copyrighted by Interscope legends in '98. NLE Choppa, Warner Music Group, and senior VP A&R Norva Denton, NLE Choppa Entertainment and more were all named in the suit, which you can read in full here.

Give both tracks a listen and let us know if you think there are any similarities below.