In today's music culture, social media can make or break an artist. Taking to platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and even Snapchat to promote your brand or music can be instrumental in acquiring fans and racking up streaming numbers, but not every artist has opted to use social media to make their music known. Instagram is a leader for artists, but NLE Choppa has decided to build his buzz without the help of the popular platform.

Because of such, Choppa wants his credit for being an artist who has been able to build a successful career and increasing fanbase without the help of Instagram or some huge promotional effort.  

NLE Choppa, Instagram, Promotion, Credit
John Sciulli / Stringer / Getty Images

"I don't get enough credit for the views I get without a Instagram, self promo, and no other rappers posting my music," wrote Choppa. "Everybody know Instagram the app you mainly promote on for anything merchandise, music, ETC I'm a Goat for the simple fact I'm making hits without it   Every song since 'Famous Hoes' was no Instagram or big promotion. 'Walk Em Down' 2x Platinum Without it also."

"It's rappers thats not touching the views I get with promotion from Instagram, other rappers, and advertising," Choppa added. He declared that he will "be one of the greatest" because he "beat the odds in every situation." Some have argued that artists were earning Platinum certificates, building worldwide fanbases, and topping the charts before social media was invented, but others think that that to do so within today's current culture should be applauded.

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