Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus received a warm greeting on VMAs pink carpet from a Billboard correspondent. The "cute" couple were coaxed into opening up about their relationship. 

Although, most fans already know that Xan met Cyrus' immediate family, other details about the encounter were revealed. Apparently, the rapper was "half asleep" when Miley Cyrus and her mom came through for an introduction.

When asked about the reasons why Lil Xan is deserving of her love, Noah keeps it to her personal basics. First, she addressed how cute he is as she reaches for his chubby cheeks.

"Look at him, look how cute his cute little, like, face and his smile. And he's like the sweetest ever and treats me like a princess."

While Xan shies away from the camera, Cyrus defines this quality treatment.

"When I'm hungry he gets me chicken nuggets...And he tells me I'm beautiful like every five seconds of the day and he's like, just the sweetest ever and like, always cuddles with me."

There you have it folks. The secret to acquiring a girl's loyalty, according to this pop star, is to keep her fed and gassed up. 

The couple also took the opportunity to promote their latest single, "Live Or Die."