This week marked the arrival of Noname's debut Room 25 album and as expected, the project has been in the pool of those dominating most conversations upon its release. Calling on the likes of Smino, Saba, and Ravyn Lenae, Noname has given listeners much to dissect including her buzzworthy thoughts on colonialism. 

For those looking to experience Noname's latest in a live setting, you'll have plenty of time to learn every line as the Chicago artist has also announced her forthcoming Room 25 tour, set to begin at the top of 2019.

Currently, the trek sits at 19 different dates, kicking off in Detroit on January 2nd before going through cities that include Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Montreal, Toronto, and Los Angeles. 

Notably missing from the itinerary, however, is her native Chicago which only leads us to the conclusion that this tour still has some dates to add into the mix. A few other big cities that are known to be hotbeds for the Noname fandom are also excluded, but only time will tell if the emcee plans to update the tentative schedule

"Room 25" Tour dates:

January 02 - Detroit, MI
January 03 - Toronto, ON
January 04 - Montreal, QC
January 05 - Brooklyn, NY
January 06 - Brooklyn, NY
January 09 - Washington, DC
January 11 - Boston, MA
January 12 - Philadelphia, PA
January 14 - Carborro, NC
January 17 - Orlando, FL
January 18 - Tampa, FL
January 19 - Tallahassee, FL
January 21 - Nashville, TN
January 23 - St. Louis, MO
January 24 - Omaha, NE
January 25 - Minneapolis, MN
January 26 - Madison, WI
February 21 - Los Angeles, CA
March 15 - Oakland, CA