Without a question, Noname is one of the most talented women in music right now. Her last album was celebrated in all corners of the industry, yet, once she critiqued J. Cole, people seemed to turn on her, forgetting everything that they once loved about her pen. 

The 28-year-old rapper responded to J. Cole's criticism of her in a new song called "Song 33." In it, she questions why he found it so important to come for her when there's all this crazy shit happening in the world that he can use his platform to address.

"It's trans women bein' murdered and this is all he can offer?" asked Noname in the third verse.

The track is just over one-minute-long but she speaks her mind, critiquing the North Carolina legend even further.

Reactions on the track have been split. As always, there are people backing up J. Cole without even listening to Noname's response and hearing her out. Then, there are those who have given it a shot, still choosing to defend Cole. And finally, there are the people that are taking in Noname's message, siding with her because they can relate to and agree with what she's spitting.

The two songs have been the subject of much social media discussion. Take some time to listen to both of their arguments and let us know who you agree with?