As a member of Fifth Harmony, Normani was able to carve out space in the music industry as a member of a hitmaking girl group. However, like many other singers who are tied to a handful of groupmates, Normani was ready to venture off on her own as a solo artist. As a child, there were stars in the singer's eyes as she always wanted to be apart of the next Destiny's Child, so Fifth Harmony was a dream. She described it as being visible but not "too seen," especially because Normani deals with anxiety.

Normani, Anxiety, Teen Vogue, Solo Album
Jim Spellman / Stringer / Getty Images

In 2019, the world couldn't get enough of Normani after her chart-topping single "Motivation" stormed the airwaves. Fans expected for the 24-year-old performer to share her debut solo effort not long after, however, we've yet to receive news about what she has in store. The Savage x Fenty ambassador recently spoke with Teen Vogue about the delay and why it's important for her to take her time in crafting her introductory body of work.

“Vulnerability is talking about the fact that I do get anxiety sometimes, and just showing the consumer what that feels like for me,” she admitted. “Just the fact that I am in a position that I’m in, but I don’t want to be so unattainable. I’m just the girl next door.” Normani added, "There’s so much expectation that I have for myself, so adding [fans’ expectations] onto that can be a lot, but it really does motivate me. I really want to create a body of work that’s going to count, you know? I’m never going to get my first album back.”

The singer also said that her album will "be an opportunity for the public to be able to get to know me in a way that they haven’t been able to before," adding " I just want to be able to show not only women, but people in general, that I am a human as well."