Kim Kardashian West previously revealed that her eldest daughter, North West, wants to become a fashion designer when she's all grown up. She might also be considering a career in the music industry, taking after her father Kanye West, because during a recent class get-together in Calabasas, California, the 6-year-old girl performed her very own original song and her daddy was right there to witness it all.

Assuming his fatherly duties, Kanye West took a break from operating futuristic tank-looking vehicles in the streets of Chicago to accompany his daughter to one of her first-ever performances. Northie usually sits up on her dad's shoulders during his Sunday Service ceremonies, so the spotlight is nothing new to her. She got up in front of her classmates and sang a track that she presumably wrote herself, referencing her friendship with Jojo Siwa and plenty of others.

North West song
TheStewartofNY/Getty Images

In the video, which you can watch below, North West can be seen lip-syncing to her own original tune, which will warm your heart because of how cute it is. North is known to dress herself, asking her parents to design the styles she thinks up in her head but, apparently, she's also got creative musical juices flowing.

Do you think North West has a future in music?