North West has to be one of the most stylish five-year-olds on the planet. Considering who her parents are, you can't really be surprised at that statement either. Kanye West has been known to design his daughter's clothes from scratch, sewing together the majority of her wardrobe so that she can stay fresh. Kim Kardashian isn't exactly a slouch either. She likely won't let anybody in her family walk out of the house looking unpresentable so being fashionable is a must in the West household. Thankfully, North West has already proven to be a children's fashion star and now, she's got a magazine cover to prove it.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

According to her feature in WWC's new Beauty Inc issue, North West is leading the new generation in terms of her fashion decisions. This moment was always going to come sooner or later but North West has made her magazine cover debut on the new issue, posing in her reflective boots and pink coat. As you would expect with a five-year-old, the shoot was playful with bubbles, funky sunglasses, and more to keep little Northie entertained. She stuns in the final photographs, following beautifully in her mom and dad's footsteps and raising the bar for her siblings to meet in a few years.

Do you think that North West could be a force in the fashion world when she grows up?