Nothing, Nowhere & Lil West Drop Off "Rem" Visuals

Mitch Findlay
January 12, 2018 10:11

Lil West joins nothing, nowhere for an emotional new video.

Who'd have thought that emo and hip-hop could be such an effective pair? The late Lil Peep clearly drew influence from some of emo's mid-two-thousands heavyweights, and the Vermont based artist nothing, nowhere clearly has love for the genre. Employing soft, minor key guitar arpeggios, nothing, nowhere's "rem" immediately conjures up a melancholic tone; if it weren't for the trap-inspired drums and occasionally lyrical delivery, nothing, nowhere's music might be overlooked by the average hip-hop listener. Still, those who are into more melodic music will find much to love about this one, and now, the experience is enhanced by a new found footage-style video.

Lil West slides through to hold down the closing verse, rolling through a hotel with the squad as he reflects on a relationship gone sour. The video's low budget aesthetic gives the track an added sense of intimacy, bringing you closer to the men behind the music. If you're into getting in touch with your emotions, you'll almost certainly vibe to this one.

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