Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers took a commanding 3-1 Western Conference Finals series lead against the likes of the Denver Nuggets. Despite their massive lead in the series, the Lakers shouldn't be too comfortable considering the Nuggets have been able to come back from down 3-1 on numerous occasions throughout this postseason. 

The Lakers' most recent win came after the team issued a formal complaint with the league about the officiating throughout the series. The squad wasn't happy with LeBron James' treatment considering he wasn't being given any looks at the free-throw line. Of course, this protest ultimately worked in the Lakers' favor in Game 3.

Now, it appears as though the Nuggets are making their own complaints. Head coach Michael Malone revealed to Harrison Wind that the Nuggets were upset over some missed calls and have submitted clips of their own.

“We’ve sent in some of the clips that we felt were missed last night, and we’ll leave it at that and wait on the NBA’s response. The rebounding has nothing to do with that…we didn’t lose the game last night because of anybody except ourselves," Malone said.

Reporter Mike Singer went on to note that what both teams have done here is very normal and that every team does it. Except, now, it's something that is being brought to light.

As for Game 5, the potential deciding match will go down on Saturday in Orlando, as always.