The Grammys are taking place in New York City this weekend and, as the city is gearing up for the festivities, local florists are trying to keep up with the demand related to music's biggest night, especially where it concerns a certain symbol for the #TimesUp movement

TMZ is reporting that white roses are a red-hot commodity in New York right before the Grammys, as many are planning on wearing them in support of those fighting against the ugly recurring instances of sexual misconduct and assault that are rampant in the music industry, as well as elsewhere in the entertainment business. 

The gossip outlets say they've talked to multiple florists in the greater NYC area and relays that "[flower shops have] fielded a crazy number of requests for white roses that Grammy attendees plan to wear Sunday at Madison Square Garden," which is set to become the Grammys' version of the black dress sign of solidarity that took place at the Golden Globes.

When we say demand is high, that might actually be putting it lightly. Warner Music Group has apparently ordered 100 white roses for their Grammy festivities alone, while one flower shop owner says they've sold out. Another business supposedly got a request for 50,000 white roses, but the short notice, unfortunately, meant that they were unable to fulfill the demand that was required. There's no word on who the mystery client was but, with the scarcity of white roses in general further limiting the possibilities of local florists, it's a stretch to think that 50,000 flowers will be turning up in time for the show.