As the fight for cannabis legalization continues, it appears that there are more and more people who've been anticipating a wider social acceptance of psychedelics. In New York City, a company named Mindbloom is readying to launch a new "psychedelic medicine center" on Fifth Ave where clients will be able to undergo "guided ketamine therapy." Offered at $250 a sesh, Mindbloom is committed to making sure potential clients undergo "rigorous initial screening" including a psychiatric evaluation. The sessions reportedly last for a total of one hour in a "private spa-like setting."

After getting the green light to move forward with these new therapy sessions, the clients "are prescribed a program of ketamine therapy administered via sublingual tablet or intramuscular injection." With Dylan Beynon, tech entrepreneur, launching this new program with Dr. Casey Paleos overseeing the operation, they said in a press release, "Mindbloom’s friendly, expert team offers coaching on how to set intentions and cultivate a receptive, expansive mindset for the introspective journey ahead.” Ketamine is apparently the only psychedelic medication that can be prescribed in the U.S.

More and more researchers have looked at the medical benefits of ketamine over the past few years including the reduction in suicidality. Although the side effects are still being looked into, clearly Mindbloom is hoping to help treat more mental health issues with their new clinic.