Nyck @ Knight Feat. Pro Era "Audiopium" Video

Mitch Findlay
August 22, 2017 14:41

Nyck @ Knight bring the whole crew.

While Nyck @ Knight's eponymous debut continues to slide under people's radar, Kirk Knight and Nyck Caution have been establishing themselves as a fresh and dominant live act. After shutting shit down at our official "Fire Emoji Live" event (which you can read about here) Nyck @ Knight decided to highlight their concert experience with a new video for EP highlight "Audiopium." In case you're new to this track, the Kirk Knight produced banger is a Pro Era posse cut, closed off by an acapella verse from the late Capital STEEZ. While STEEZ was unfortunately absent from the performance, his presence remains felt throughout; after all, the footage was all captured at Pro Era's STEEZ day Festival. 

The video even provides a visual aid for those unfamiliar with the Pro Era crew, and each one holds it down over Kirk's crazy instrumental. Generally, live footage videos tend to come off as phoned in, an non-creative way of pushing a single without committing to a potentially expensive concept. Yet "Audiopium" succeeds where others have failed, simply due to the raw energy displayed by the entire collective. It's electrifying, and the back and forth dynamic shines both on wax and through the rapper's personal interaction. From the look of it, the crowd are soaking up every moment.

By the time Nyck Caution comes through to close things off, "Audiopium" has already solidified itself as one of the best posse cuts in recent memory. It should be mandatory that every crew has to have at least one per quarter, especially if they can maintain this level of quality. Check out the video now, and if you haven't go peep Nyck @ Knight. While it's been somewhat lost in the shuffle of "a-list" releases, the EP serves as a great introduction to a promising young duo. 

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