Nyck @ Knight x Fire Emoji Live: A$AP Ferg Surprise Appearance

Laroche Cineus
August 18, 2017 18:03

Nyck @ Knight brought NYC together for our first "Fire Emoji Live" event, resulting in surprise appearances from The Underachievers and ASAP Ferg.

After the release of their collaborative project Nyck @ Knight, 47 militants Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight kicked off their  East Coast Summer Tour at SOB’s, August 15th. Hosted by HotNewHipHop, we were proud to present the first installment as part of our Fire Emoji Live, series, bringing the fuego from our Spotify playlist Fire Emojito life. Last we’ve seen the duo rock the stage was alongside Joey Badass at the Barclay's Center stop on Logic’s Everybody Tour. But this night was strictly for the city; making it a family affair as the duo made the stage their home. Tuesday’s lineup included DJ Wavy and Bronx rapper WE$TSIDE Parle, before Nyck and Kirk hit the stage.

To those unfamiliar with WE$TSIDE, we’d suggest you’d become familiar. In a sea of the mumble-rapping, WE$SIDE's attention to lyrical composition leaves him in his own lane. Sharing the stage with frequent collaborator 6ix7, WE$TSIDE made sure you remembered his name once he walked off that stage. We’d suggest “Late Intro” as a place of introduction to those who missed out. 

As we anxiously waited for Nyck and Kirk to grace the stage the energy within SOB’s grew exponentially, before, finally, Nyck Caution jumped on stage getting right into it. Filled with many familiar faces as Nyck Caution noted looking out into the wave of Pro Era fans,  the connection they had with the fans was felt through out the venue, as they were passed cellphones to Snapchat moments for fans. The passion for their craft emanated through Nyck and Kirk’s performance, as they fed off each other’s energy and even more so off the energy of the crowd, allowing them to reach the level of Super Saiyan 2.

The night was filled with many surprises, as the duo individually brought out fellow Pro Era members CJ Fly, Dessi Hinds, Rokamouth, Dirty Sanchez, and Aaron Rose. If you can’t break bread with the fam is it really worth it? Probably not. We can still hear the echoes of the crowd responding to the call “Pro Era Era, Pro Era Era Era, No Era Era, No Era Era Era.” But Nyck and Kirk didn’t stop there, when we say they brought the city out, they really brought the city out, as they then called The Underachievers to the stage, elevating us to a whole other plane. Before bringing back the Pro Era conglomerate, excluding Joey Badass, to close the night out with “Audiopium,” in tribute to Capital STEEZ. Though, not before a moment of silence, where you could feel the stillness in the room. Surely the only fitting way to end the evening, would be with Capital Steez’s Killuminati verse playing. 

As I stood next to A$AP Ferg, wondering if he’s only there to show some love to his fellow Beast Coast brothers, he was very soon called up on stage, where he closed out the night with an undeniable bang -- re-energizing the crowd one last time with “Plain Jane” and “Work,” for what would make one of the livest performances and an eventful evening for our very first Fire Emoji Live.

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