In February of this year, an investigation was launched on an incident, which had occurred back in June of 2018, involving 50 Cent. The incident involved officers during a roll-call, being ordered by 72nd Precinct Deputy Inspector, Emanuel Gonzalez, to shoot Fiddy "on sight" prior to an NYPD sanctioned boxing match that the rapper and officers would be attending. At the time, one source said of the incident: “The inspector just said that at roll call. I’m like WTF.” Though no one present during the one-sided exchange was said to be holding a playback recording of such, TMZ got in touch with 50 Cent's reps at the time, who said that the rapper was "afraid for his life," and that him and his team were taking the issue very seriously. "He is concerned that he was not previously advised of this threat by the NYPD and even more concerned that Gonzalez continues to carry a badge and a gun."

Following the launch of the investigation, a very vexed Fiddy put his Instagram shenanigans on pause to roast Officer Gonzalez, going on quite the Insta tirade, and even giving his rival a catchy nickname - as he's been known to do - "Emmanuel 'Gun All The Time." The latest news on the matter was reported by New York Daily News, and saw that the Internal Affairs Bureau had "finalized its look into the matter and had chosen not to take further action." They concluded that the threat that was made was an "inappropriate joke and not a serious order worthy of charges being brought up." Speaking to the publication, and NYPD spokeswoman said “this allegation was unsubstantiated and closed.”