Myles Garrett and Odell Beckham Jr. have been through their fair share of turmoil over this past year, especially when it comes to the sport of football. These two are teammates on the Cleveland Browns and they both had to endure a pretty lackluster season with the squad. Garrett had himself an insane incident after he swung a helmet like a weapon at Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph. Meanwhile. Beckham Jr. was charged with assault after slapping a security guard on the butt after LSU won the National Championship.

Today on Twitter, Garrett shared a video of Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone slapping each other on the butt as a way to troll OBJ. In the caption, he wrote: "How @obj thought spanking the cop was gonna go."


Beckham Jr. had to make sure he had a response so he came back at Garrett with a hilarious reference to his fight with Rudolph. "Wait a min!!!! That wasn’t even the worst part .... the worst part was I got charged wit assault..... and u somehow didn’t. only in America," he wrote.

Fans thought the interaction was pretty amusing especially since OBJ has a point. While his altercation was more humorous, Garrett's was much more violent. Regardless, these two now have something they can bond over.