Nike's "Crazy" ad campaign has seen some pretty iconic commercials enter the fold and now the Beaverton brand is looking to add to that with this latest video featuring Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry. To provide a bit of background beforehand, Landry and Beckham Jr. have been friends since they were little kids. The two are both wide receivers who played against each other in high school but reunited to play with each other at LSU. They both got drafted in 2014 and now, they will be playing on the same team in Cleveland. The entire commercial is based on this premise.

Throughout the video, we see a side by side split of Beckham Jr. and Landry as they make their way up the ranks and eventually end up on the same team together. 

Beckham Jr was originally drafted by the New York Giants, while Landry was taken by the Miami Dolphins. Last season, Landry ended up being shipped off to Cleveland and pretty well a year later, the same thing happened to OBJ.

Both wide receivers are expected to form the best receiver duo in the NFL. With quarterback Baker Mayfield at the helm, perhaps we will even see the Browns back in the postseason for the first time in two decades.