Odell Beckham Jr is one of the most prominent players in the entire NFL, and when it comes to his fashion sense, it is common knowledge that he is one of the freshest. From shoes to clothing, OBJ is always looking good before games and he has always been someone who also likes to accessorize and sport various pieces of garments. With this in mind, it should be no surprise that the NFL star would want to drop a whole lot of money on his teeth.

According to TMZ, that is exactly what OBJ did recently as he hit up famous dentist Thomas Connelly, who hooked him up with some dope diamond teeth coverings.

Odell Beckham Jr

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

OBJ had all of his teeth realigned all while he received some 13-carat diamond coverings at the back of his mouth. All of this work came out to a grand total of $1.8 million which is certainly a lot of money all things considered. Regardless, the pieces look pretty damn good, and for OBJ, that's all that really matters.

As for Connelly, he was incredibly proud of his work, and rightfully so. He recently did some impressive work on Chris Brown, and moving forward, it's safe to saw other celebrities will be coming his way for all of their dental needs.