During the NBA season, the league's "Bubble" was able to keep players and staff safe from COVID-19. They were praised for not having any new reports of diagnoses throughout their lockdown, but the NFL hasn't been as lucky. Players have been caught reportedly sneaking women into their hotels and coaching staff have been fined for their misuse of masks. There has recently been a number of reports about NFL players and staff members contracting coronavirus, but according to Odell Beckham Jr., he won't be adding his name to the list. 

Odell Beckham, NFL, COVID-19, Coronavirus
Gustavo Caballero / Staff / Getty Images

Just last week, Beckham missed practice because he was ill, but USA Today stated that it wasn't due to COVID. The football player was asked if, at any time, he was concerned that he'd come down with the virus that has taken the lives of 220,000 Americans and over 1 million worldwide. "Not in an arrogant way, but I don't think COVID can get to me," said Beckham. "I don't think it's going to enter this body. I don't want no parts of it, it don't want no parts of me. It's a mutual respect."

Due to the recent COVID-19 diagnoses within the NFL, many teams have reportedly shut down their facilities in order to keep their locations from becoming "super spreaders" of the virus.