Odell Beckham Jr. has been having himself a fairly rough season with the Cleveland Browns but when it comes to his personal life, he seems to be thriving. Just a few weeks ago, it appeared as though OBJ and his model girlfriend Lauren Wood had made things official as she wished him a happy birthday. During this time, OBJ has been fairly forthcoming about his attempts to flirt as he is constantly making comments on her Instagram posts.

These efforts have been ramped up over the last couple of days as you can see in the two posts below. In the first one, OBJ makes two comments saying "U neeeedta chilllouttt" and "N2S." In the other post, OBJ plays off her caption by saying "Just bc what....???"

In each instance, Wood has thrown some playful shots back at him so it seems like things are going pretty great between the two. If you're OBJ, you've got to be happy to have someone like Wood in your corner, especially after such a difficult season. OBJ is currently on his longest streak of games without 100 yards and there are already rumblings that he could be dealt in the offseason.

We're sure we'll be seeing more social media flirting from these two in the future.