Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the best football players in the world and with that comes a wide public assumption that he must be doing something to enhance his performance. Much of the time, the answer to what is going on behind-the-scenes is hard work, dedication, and training harder than your peers. However, people love to point their finger directly at drugs when they see an athlete succeeding. Yes, PED's are more common in some sports than others but the NFL has been consistently rough on their players for drug use. Just think back to all the issues surrounding Josh Gordon. Odell has stepped up and spoken out about all the "random" drug tests he's been ordered to, calling out the league for continuing the frequency level of tests.

Beckham Jr. is in the prime of his career at 25-years-old and the wide receiver is fed up with all the times he's had to be tested for PED's. The New York Giants star tweeted, "Walkin in today to my 997,546 'RANDOM' PED drug test today. It’s actually funny how I 'randomly' get tested every other week." He continued by calling out the head honchos of the NFL to make some changes, writing, "Dear @NFL please stop sending these people, ur takin away from meeting times and film... thanks." 

A drug test here and there is likely enough to know when someone has been using something to enhance their performance but every other week seems pretty extreme. OBJ has a point in saying that it takes away from practice time and preparing for the game by watching film. Do you think the NFL should act on this?