This week marked the premiere of the "Ric Flair Drip" video, which featured none other than the wrestling legend himself. The reaction was impressive as the Without Warning cut was one of the stand-outs from the collaborative album. The album was released in Fall 2017 via Epic Records and the artists behind the track appear to not be happy in regards to their relationship with the label. It is not news that record labels sometimes try to take advantage of their talent and this could possibly be unfolding with Offset and producer Metro Boomin if their Instagram stories are to be considered.

Both Metro and Offset posted messages of disapproval to their IG stories towards Epic Records yesterday, suggesting that they may be messing with the "Ric Flair Drip" video revenue or the release. Offset captioned his update tagging Epic and simply writing, "Bad business," while Metro also kept things short, calling them "lame af." Neither went into detail about the extent of the bad business claims they are making towards the Sony subsidiary, but it must be substantial for both artists to call them out on their socials.

"If Young Metro don't trust you," you know what will happen so Epic Records should probably think of getting everything settled and keeping the two happy.