Offset and Cardi B's relationship drama have unfolded in the public eye before but they've clearly committed to being with each other through thick and thin. However, a recent livestream sparked speculation that he might be up to no good. Social media users quickly spotted the rapper trying to hide his phone as Cardi B entered the room. Initially trying to slide it into his pocket before realizing his jeans could be too tight, he did what we all do -- slid it underneath his butt.

Given Offset's history, the court of public opinion deemed Offset guilty of cheating on Cardi in the midst of the quarantine madness. However, it appears that he hopped on Instagram Live to clear the air surrounding the situation. "Got folks out here dying. You wanna focus on something negative. We got too much negativity," he said. "That's why we can't get no money. Can't none of us get no money." The rapper explained that people were simply making something out of nothing. Perhaps he has a point seeing as he laughed as Cardi exited the room. It seems hard to believe that he would've even acknowledged that he hid his phone during a livestream with thousands of people watching him. 

"Don't kill the vibe, man. We vibin', man. I'm with my family, you know what I'm sayin'? We together everyday. I hope you with yours everyday," he said. "We don't need none of this negative, hateful, making something out of nothing for no reason. We good over this way."

Check his response below.