Offset has been promoting the hell out of his solo debut Father Of 4, hopping on many of the most popular hip-hop-centric radio shows across the country. He stopped by The Breakfast Club a few weeks ago and now, he's hitting up Power 106 to chat about his new work. Obviously, his history with 21 Savage is a hot topic since they consistently churn out hits. "Ric Flair Drip" is one of Offset's best songs, appearing on Without Warning, a collaborative album with 21 and Metro Boomin. For some reason though, one of the radio hosts speaking with him absolutely scrubbed the project from his memory, asking if Offset would ever make a collaborative joint with 21 Savage. The artist's response was cordial at first before he schooled the interviewer on his discography.

Perhaps what the host meant to ask was if Offset would make another album with 21 Savage. Regardless, the question came out wrong and ended up being a pretty comical moment. "You know we already got one, Without Warning," said Offset in a frank tone. "Me, him and Metro. If you ain't up on game, my man. Obviously, my man ain't up on game. You know that's where 'Ric Flair Drip' came from. Yeah, we did that already. Platinum, too. The whole album. Every song on the album, platinum. 'Ric Flair Drip' like four times platinum."

The Migos rapper really tried not to snap but he had to say something in the end. Still handled it professionally though. Watch the moment at 11:45.